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Nintendo Switch sales forecast edges past PS4, Xbox in 2019

It would be the company's first time in the lead since 2009.

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

It seems Nintendo's holiday sales wins on Black Friday and Cyber Monday might continue throughout next year. 

The gaming giant is predicted to sell 17.3 million consoles worldwide in 2019, according to a report by market research firm Strategy Analytics. The forecast puts Nintendo ahead of Sony with projected sales of 17.1 million PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. Microsoft is expected to remain in third place with 10 million Xbox One and Xbox One X devices sold worldwide in 2019. 

A combination of Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday deals and overall record-setting sales for the holiday weekend made the Switch console one of the top-selling products. It was also Nintendo's best-selling console for that sales period in its history -- it sold 115 percent over the same period in 2017 --  according to Adobe Analytics.

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New and upcoming games featuring beloved Nintendo characters no doubt helped drive sales and will continue to do so into the new year. These include the recently released Pokemon: Let's Go! games as well as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to stores Dec. 7.

Despite Nintendo leading the 2019 sales forecast, Sony remains the market leader in terms of consoles in use and accounts for nearly half of all consoles in use, the report says. 

CNET has reached out to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for comment on the forecast. 

CNET Senior Editor Lori Grunin contributed to this story.