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Nintendo shares more than doubled since Pokemon Go launch

As Pokemon Go continues to roll out around the world, Nintendo's shares have soared.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Pokemon Go isn't even available around the entire world yet, and yet Nintendo's shares have seen an astronomic rise. On July 5, Nintendo's shares were 14,490 Japanese yen ($136.59). On July 19, they closed out at 31,770 ($299.49) Japanese yen. However, it's not all roses: Since the launch of the augmented-reality game, stocks have seen their first significant fall, around 11 percent, from that high to 28,430 ($268) Japanese yen at time of writing.

However, that's still the highest Nintendo's shares have been since April 2010, when they hit 32,100 ($302.59) Japanese yen. The game has proven insanely popular, and broken the record as the fastest mobile game ever to hit 10 million downloads. To date, it has been downloaded over 30 million times around the world. Like all insanely popular fads, a drop in popularity is only to be expected.

It will probably rise yet again in the coming days when the game finally launches in Pokemon's home country, Japan.