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Nintendo says it won't reveal cheaper Switch at E3

But Mario Kart Tour will get a closed beta on Android next month.


We may have to make do with regular Nintendo Switch for a bit longer.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Perhaps that cheaper Nintendo Switch won't be coming as soon as we'd hoped.

The Japanese game company's president apparently poured cold water on reports that it'd launch a new version of its portable console by the end of June, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

"As a general rule, we're always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it," Shuntaro Furukawa told reporters in Japan. "But we have no plans to announce that at this year's E3 in June."

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment.

On a positive note, the company revealed that mobile game Mario Kart Tour will have a closed beta from May 22 to June 4. It's restricted to Android devices, and you have to be in the US or Japan to take part. If you tick those boxes, you have until May 7 to sign up.

First published at 4:43 a.m. PT.
Updated at 5:03 a.m. PT: Adds Mario Kart Tour details.

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