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Nikon D4 pro snapper gets near full marks in first review

The Nikon D4 boasts big boosts over previous professional-grade dSLRs, with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity and vastly improved video.

While we're left twiddling our lenses here in the UK, CNET Australia has got the scoop on the so-pro-it-hurts Nikon D4, which launched there last week, and awarded it a near-perfect 9.5 out of 10.

If you're lucky enough to own its predecessor, the Nikon DS3, then the strewth-inducing AU$7,000 (£4,600) asking price will have you thinking hard about the need for an upgrade. But the boost in spec -- with vastly improved video, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, design tweaks, better auto-focus speed and shooting performance -- warrants the outlay.

Nikon D4 box

For the full low-down, book an international flight to Oz (I recommend a stop-over in Bali) for our Antipodean cousins' take on the D4. Alternatively, save your cash for the camera -- by jove, you'll need it -- and teleport digitally by clicking on the complete Nikon D4 review.

The D4 racks up a number of improvements over the DS3. Its 16.2-megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video trumps the DS3's "lowly" 12.87 megapixels and 720p movie resolution. You'll also benefit from the addition of an XQD card slot with the D4.

We'll have a full review up as soon as it lands in the UK. No doubt it will cope just as well in the murk of the British spring as it does in the flattering sunshine of Sydney (as with the shot below, taken with an exposure of 1/80, f/4.5, ISO 100 -- click image to enlarge).

Nikon D4 test


In the meantime, make do with the verdict from down under that, "The Nikon D4 offers many significant improvements from previous professional-grade SLRs. This is a serious pro tool designed for the likes of sports and editorial photographers, and its many usability tweaks will ensure that every shooting situation is catered for," it concludes.

Check out the test video below:

Is the D4 all of your dSLR dreams come true? Will you be forking out for one? And if so, where's the best place to sell one's granny? Let me know in comments below or on our Facebook wall.