Nexus 7 3G in stock at Google Play, but still no sign of Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is still absent, but those hunting for Google's in-demand Nexus 7 tablet with 3G can snap one up again.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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From sold out to doled out -- the in-demand Nexus 7 tablet with 3G capability is back in stock and currently available to snap up at Google's Play store.

Costing £239, this high-end version of the Big G's 7-inch tablet comes with 32GB of storage and a SIM-card slot, granting you the gift of mobile data. It was released alongside the Nexus 4 smart phone and Nexus 10 tablet earlier this month, but promptly sold out, leaving would-be tablet shoppers fuming.

As The Next Web spied, it's now listed as in stock, however. The £159 8GB version and £199 32GB Wi-Fi-only versions are also good to go, with all three variants pegged as being delivered in three to five business days.

Jolly good, but let's hope supplies hold up better than they did the first time around. Meanwhile, it's not such swell news for Google's ridiculously excellent Nexus 4 smart phone, which is still sold out on the Google Play store.

The 4.7-inch quad-core smart phone went on sale on 13 November, but every last one Google had was snapped up within half an hour of the phone going on sale, with the Google Play store crashing in the process.

Nearly two weeks later, the Nexus 4 is still unavailable, meaning there's no way of getting your mitts on the phone for Google's eye-goggling price of £239. That's bad news, as the shockingly low cost of the Nexus 4 is -- I think -- what makes it the most exciting smart phone of the year.

If you're desperate, operators including O2 and Three are flogging the Nexus 4, but you'll end up paying much more by signing up to a pricey tariff or buying pay as you go. So far it seems Google is the only place where you can (or rather can't) buy the Nexus 4 with that low, low price.

The Nexus 10 tablet is also back in stock for both the 16 and 32GB options, but with a shipping estimate of 1-2 weeks.

We're keeping an eye on the Google Play store and everything Nexus-related, so keep your eyes fixed to CNET UK for more, and let me know which Nexus device you'd most like to own in the comments or on our Facebook wall.