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Smart umbrella forecasts weather and never gets lost

The Weatherman umbrella uses an app to detect weather changes and notify its owner. Even better, the app helps find your umbrella when you need it.

The Weatherman umbrella uses an app to note the weather and reveal the umbrella's location.

A new umbrella may be just the answer for those of us who constantly forget or misplace our rainy-day gear.

The Weatherman umbrella, which debuted Thursday, uses an app paired with a Bluetooth tracker to follow weather forecasts. 

The app sends real-time weather alerts and custom notifications, so you know when to bring along your umbrella. 

An embedded tracker chip uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology for your smart devices to help locate your umbrella as well. This even could mean that you find your umbrella in the hands of someone who grabbed it by mistake. 

The umbrella is made with 14mm gauge fiberglass ribs help prevent breaking and inverting inside out during strong winds, up to 55 mph. The umbrella fabric is coated with Teflon to repel the rain. 

The smart umbrella is backed by meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (hence the umbrella's name Weatherman) who appears on "Fox and Friends" and "Fox News Sunday."

"I looked everywhere for a solid umbrella that would last, and I came up short every single time," Reichmuth said in a statement. "I realized, I know what a good umbrella should be, so I could just make one. That's how it all started."

The Weatherman comes in two styles: The Collapsible Umbrella retails for $59 (£45, AU$78), and the Stick Umbrella for $65 (£49, AU$86). Both umbrellas are available in black, navy blue, green, orange, yellow and white.