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New Nexus 7 has dodgy GPS, owners complain

The new Nexus tablet has location-based woes, according to a slew of frustrated forum posts from US users.

The new Google Nexus 7 tablet is afflicted with GPS woes, according to a slew of forum posts.

Owners of the revamped slate, which is already available in the US, have taken to a number of message boards, including XDA-Developers and Google's own forums.

The problem appears to involve the Nexus 7 getting a lock on to several satellites to start with, then locking up and endlessly searching for a connection.

"Mine goes out in two or three minutes," one commenter reports. "I reset to factory new and found that it works until the apps get updated (including Maps and Earth and others) and then it goes flakey."

It seems unclear at the moment whether the problem lies with the tablet's software or its Asus-built hardware. If it's an issue with the Android code, a simple firmware update could squash the bug. If the problem lies with the GPS hardware, the only solution could be to send off for a replacement tablet.

A Google moderator commented on 30 July, saying, "Thanks for the reports everyone, we're looking into it," but it appears that no solution has been offered. Today another commenter wrote, "Adding myself to the list. I've been getting very inconsistent GPS lock. Sometimes I would get a quick four-second lock, sometimes it would sit for 30 minutes without locking at the same location."

I've contacted Google asking for more information, and I'll update this story if I hear anything.

GPS positioning is handy for using your tablet when travelling, though this may not a particularly popular use for Google's new slate, especially as the UK version is Wi-Fi only, with no 3G or 4G option.

The new Nexus 7 comes out in the UK on 28 August -- here's hoping any glitches have been ironed out by the time it hits shop shelves.

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