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New Kinect for Windows to start shipping next week

Microsoft says it plans to release the new motion-sensing device to developers starting July 15 for $199 each.

Kinect for Windows V2 sensor Microsoft

Microsoft is accepting preorders from developers for its second-generation Kinect for Windows motion sensor, with plans to start shipping the device next week.

The software giant has been trying to make the PC version of the motion-sensing device -- which is similar to the technology available for the Xbox One console -- a regular feature of PCs since 2012. Developers working with early versions of the new Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor have said it offers many improvements, including capturing full-HD video, and shifting processing tasks to the PC's GPU rather than its CPU.

The new Kinect V2, which was expected to become available this month, can be preordered on the Microsoft Store site for $199, with the release date set at July 15. The site said the sensor will become widely available later this year, but is providing the device sooner to developers to let them get an early start on creating software for the technology.

"The preorder offer is limited to the number of Kinect for Windows V2 sensors on hand," Microsoft said on its site. "After the preorder inventory has been exhausted, additional sensors will be available for general purchase later this year."

Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console without the Kinect device costs $399 -- $100 less than the Xbox One with Kinect.

CNET reached out to Microsoft for additional comment and will update with any additional information.