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New iPad sports iPhone 5S colours in leaked snaps

The fifth-generation iPad has been spotted in the silver and 'space grey' hues that featured on the iPhone 5S.

The next iPad appears to have been been rifling through the iPhone 5S' wardrobe, as new snaps seem to show the upcoming tablet decked out in the same colours as Apple's recently-released smart phone.

Pictures of the fifth-generation iPad surfaced at sonnydickson.com, and show casings of what look to be the next version of Apple's tablet in silver and 'space grey'.

Those are two of the colours that adorn the iPhone 5S, which went on sale at the end of last week.

The new pictures only feature silver and grey casings, with no sign of the gold colour that was also introduced with the 5S. If Apple does opt for the iPhone 5S' silver and grey hues for its new iPad, perhaps we'll see gold make an appearance too, for completeness' sake.

Last year Apple showed off the fourth-generation iPad on 23 October, at the same event that we first glimpsed the smaller iPad mini.

If Apple sticks to its schedule -- and it usually does -- we should get our first official look at the fifth iPad in about a month. Expect to see the 64-bit A7 processor that just debuted in the iPhone 5S make an appearance, and perhaps we'll see the 5S' fingerprint scanner too.

The iPad mini has already been spied in silver and grey as well, so stow those hopes of a range of brightly-coloured, iPhone 5C-esque iPad minis.

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