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New coffee machine a java junkie's best friend

The latest version of Miele's built-in coffee system, due out early next year, is the CVA 5000 and it has some neat new design tweaks that aid in the concoction of the perfect coffee, latte, cappuccino or espresso.

Kim Girard
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Kim Girard
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I recently saw a Miele built-in coffee machine in action. If you love coffee, it was a thing to behold and further proof that we, as a species, have evolved.

OK, maybe that's a slight overstatement, but this beautiful Jetsons-esque machine is a tribute to the lazy coffee snob.

Miele's new built-in coffee system offers more options. Miele

Just stand back with your mug and this machine does the work for you--grinding your beans from course to fine (you pick the amount of beans you'd like per cup.) Then the system automatically adds the water, brews, and completes the task by steaming milk to top off your cup.

The latest version of this built in system, due out early next year, is the CVA 5000. It has some new design tweaks aimed to protect the system's exterior and simplify the concoction of more complicated, layered drinks such as Macchiato.

First off, the central dispenser on the new model provides a wider height-adjustable range to fit everything from a tiny espresso cup, to tall mugs, and specialty drink glasses.

Also new is an integrated, insulated 24-ounce milk tank that keeps milk fresh for 12 hours. The tank, which replaces the existing model's tube for transferring milk from container to coffee cup, provides one-touch dispensing of steamed milk or froth. This makes layered drinks easier to make--and there's no messy clean up after making drinks.

The tank's insulated reservoir is made of double-walled stainless steel and an automatic monitor alerts you when it's time to refill. Since the tank slides out of from a swinging door, it can be refilled easily or stored in the refrigerator.

Layering a drink is easier with the new model. Miele

Another new feature is a Clean Touch Steel finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. To protect the outside of the machine for longer, the company applied a thin, transparent glass treatment to the system's stainless steel panel.

The only frightening thing about this CVA 5000 might be if it went haywire. You'd probably need a well-oiled repair team to come out and fix it. And if the repair folks happened to be on vacation, well, it might be back to the local Starbucks--or you could always get reacquainted with the handy coffee press, if you've still got the muscles to use it.

No pricing has been set for this model. The existingCVA 4070built-in model starts at $2,699.

Miele also expects to release a new Clean Touch Steel espresso machine next year, too, with details to come.