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New Apple MacBook: Thinner, faster, shinier

Steve Jobs' latest 'one more thing' was a new Apple MacBook, featuing the company's svelte new aluminium chassis and Nvidia's latest mobile graphics chip

Nick Hide Managing copy editor
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Nick Hide

Steve Jobs' latest 'one more thing' was a new Apple MacBook. Like its bigger Pro brother, the new MacBook uses a hard, thin aluminium shell and a new graphics chip from Nvidia, the 9400M (although without the 9600M GT doodah). It's just 24mm thick and weighs a relatively slim 2kg.

It's also got the same glass trackpad and LED-backlit display as the Pro, but Apple will continue to sell the existing plastic MacBook, with integrated Intel graphics, at the increased base price of £719 (it was £699).

The new metal MacBook will come in two models: £949 for a 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and a 13.3-inch display; and £1,149 for 2.4GHz, 250GB of storage and the snazzy backlit keyboard. You can upgrade those to 4GB RAM for £100, and a 320GB hard drive (£70) or 128GB of solid-state memory, for a whopping £420 extra. Both models are available now at the Apple Store. We'll have a hands-on with all Apple's new stuff tomorrow at the UK launch. -Nick Hide