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New Apple Mac ads: Stitch that, Microsoft!

Apple has come out swinging with three new ads jabbing back at Microsoft's recent cheap shots. We tell the tale of the tape as these two computing giants square up once again. Fight!

Greetings, fight fans. Three new Apple ads have bounced into the ring, ready to hit back at Microsoft's recent sucker punches. Llllllets's get readyyyyy to rummmmmmble!

But first, let's recap. This most vehement phase of the Mac vs PC flame wars began with the introduction of Apple's famous "I'm a Mac" ads. Mac is a louche, laid-back hipster hanging out with staid, be-suited PC, a neat if infuriatingly reductionist summation of the brand perceptions surrounding these rival products.

Microsoft had been unable to come up with an advertising concept as precision-engineered as this -- the "I'm a PC" being too much of a direct comeback -- until the debut of this year's "You find it, you keep it" campaign, in which ordinary down-home folk look at Macs, decide they're too expensive, and end up with a machine running Windows.


The ads are a neat riposte to the smugness of the Apple campaign, with real-life situations puncturing the air of superiority given off by Justin Long's punchable Mac. The laptop hunters are Lauren discounting Apple on price, Giampaolo on specs, and Sheila on filmmaking, or something. Zing! Take that, Apple!

Mac ad

But now Apple has fired back. Move over, Lauren, Megan's here for the folksy vote, passive-aggressively putting the boot into Windows. Her needs are simple, but her need for a big screen and no virus headaches rules out John Hodgman's PC and his legion of mates.

A second ad introduces a Mac Genius. In another ad, PC fields calls from Kalamazoo, Fairfield and Deerborn, Michigan. The callers, heartland Joe and Josie Sixpacks all, are ruled out by Apple's PC-bashing mantra: PCs are virus-ridden and customer care is a nightmare. Oof! Pick the teeth out of that, Microsoft!

We've embedded the new ads below for your pugilistic pleasure, and we await the next round with bated breath. Fiiiiiiight!