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New Apple laptops: 13-inch MacBooks are go

So the rumours were true: not the ones about the Apple iPod phone -- the less exciting ones about the MacBooks. Available in 'Big' White and 'Ninja' Black, they look pretty. But that ninja's gonna cost ya

Here come some new MacBooks, Apple's new name for its consumer laptops: there's a black one and a white one, and they both feature dual-core Intel processors, 13.3-inch widescreens, and all that Apple goodness, such as iLife '06, Front Row, the built-in iSight Camera -- you Mac fiends know the drill.

However, the company seems to be charging a hefty premium for that ninja-black paint job: according to the UK Apple store, the black 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo model with an 80GB hard drive costs £1,028.99.

But if you simply upgrade the £899 2.0GHz, 60GB white model's hard drive by 20GB you'll only pay an extra £40. So the black paint costs you exactly £89.99. Still, what's a few quid when you can be the first kid on your block with A Totally Black MacBook -- Dude You Rule!!! etc. -MP

Update: a full review of the Apple MacBook (2.0GHz) is now live.