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New ad unveils Sony ghost-catching gizmo, The Proton Pack

Sony shows off a new ghostbusting device that harnesses the inter-dimensional powers of hydrogen plasma cells to catch and contain spiritual entities. Does it come with its own charger?

The Ghostbusters' arsenal of ghost-catching equipment includes some of the most technical-looking weaponry in all of sci-fi. It feels like every pipe attached to everything the 'busters use in the field serves a purpose that only a person with a Ph.D. in parapsychology and quantum mechanics could fully understand.

The proton packs the new Ghostbusters team will use also look like they were designed with the same eye for extreme detail. A new ad that appeared on Sony's YouTube page Thursday goes through some of the technical and ergonomic innovations of this newest advancement in inter-dimensional pest control.

The commercial points out some interesting features on Sony's new ghost-catching gadget, like the "miniaturized superconducting Synchrotron" (aka that big, round thing on the back) that "accelerates protons from a hydrogen plasma cell" (aka the stuff that makes the lasers that shoot out of the gun part). It also shows off the pack's newly designed "ergonomic wand" (aka the gun part) that "incorporates a beam-halo tuning cavity" (aka the twisty pipe that makes the lasers bigger and smaller).

No word on when the gadget will be available for actual ghostbusting, but we're pretty sure Sony won't be selling it after April Fools' Day. The new "Ghostbusters" movie, featuring an all-female crew of funny spirit wranglers, opens in July.