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Never be out of reach of a martini again

The BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar means that you'll have access to a bar anywhere you want to go.

Between tailgating, entertaining and the rest of the get-togethers we go to, a bar on wheels can come in handy. The BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar folds out of a suitcase about 31.5 inches by 23.25 inches by 13 inches and weighs about 62 pounds. In that package, you get a fold-out bar, complete with food-safe polypropylene storage containers and a speed rail so that you can mix up just about any drink request you get. It's sizable enough when open that you won't feel cramped behind the bar. The main body is fireproof MDF and the outer frame is aluminum alloy. It also has a pull-out handle which makes transportation much easier. You don't have to worry about carrying the bar around--you just have to wheel it.

The BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar doesn't come stocked, unfortunately, but it does make it much easier to entertain if you want to take the party outside of your kitchen. It's also an option for those events that take place outside. If you want to tailgate with a better drinks menu, you can just pull out the BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar and skip the same old beer. It's priced at approximately $970.