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Nested camping cooking set

This complete nested cooking set lets you prepare and serve meals on camping trips without lugging along extra bags and weight.

It's like Russian nesting dolls, but different. Cascade Designs

I'm not a camping type of girl. It's just not my thing--I prefer to view nature from the windows of my hotel room. But some people really enjoy camping, and those people might appreciate what's offered in this "full-featured cook system" from MSR, a division of Cascade Designs.

The Flex 4 system is designed for groups of four or more (a smaller set is also available) and includes a 3.2 liter nonstick pot, a 5.3 liter hard anodized pot, two strainer lids, four plates, four mugs, and a pot handle.

But the brilliance of the set is in its nested design--the whole thing is just 6.25 inches high when it's put together. And it weighs less than 4 pounds, meaning you can carry it in your backpack while you hike up a mountain (although, again, I would personally never do such a thing).

The plates in the kit are actually deep dish bowls, which work equally well for soup or pasta. Or, ostensibly, the fresh boar you hunted and roasted.

It's a bit pricey--you can find it online for around $160--but my camping friends tell me that's what quality supplies cost.