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Need a hand, or three?

The Professional Ultimate Multi-Chopper is a convenient and easy-to-use prep tool.

This chopper will surely come in handy.
Chef's Catalog

To say having an extra hand in the kitchen is a benefit would be an understatement. The daily dinner preparation can, at the best of times, turn into a finely orchestrated ballet of twisting and turning (not to mention slicing and dicing) and dancing about the kitchen trying to make it all work just so. And it all starts with the prep work. Having uniformly cut vegetables not only enhances the appearance of dishes, it also helps the cooking process itself as everything cooks evenly. Even in the simple case of French fries, unevenly cut potatoes can lead to disastrous results at the table.

The Professional Ultimate Multi-Chopper not only provides even cutting and slicing, but is capable of coring and wedging, too. The spring-loaded mechanism makes prepping food a breeze, while the large 8-cup measuring base contains the results. Markings along the side of the container delineate measurements, eliminating the need to dirty an extra measuring cup. The set includes slicer, wedger, corer, and French fry cutter stainless-steel blades, and everything stores in the base when done. For increased ease-of-use and help after the meal, the entire assembly is dishwasher safe.

Whether you are making French fries or a simple salad, the one press operation of this machine will save you time and trouble in the kitchen. When it's dinnertime and you are cooking a full meal, having a handy, little, prep device at the ready will be invaluable--like having an extra hand.