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Name your own price for a huge Telltale Games bundle

All five episodes of Back to the Future. All five of Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse. And lots more, plus The Walking Dead if you beat the average purchase price.

Get eight Telltale Games games for less than the price of one. Or more, if you want to support some worthwhile charities.
Get eight Telltale Games games for less than the price of one. Or more, if you want to support some worthwhile charities.
Humble Bundle

Yowza. This might be the best name-your-own-price game bundle I've ever seen. And I've seen lots of them. Lots and lots.

For the next five days or so, the Humble Weekly Bundle gives you a seven-game Telltale Games bundle for whatever price you want to pay. And if you beat the average (currently a paltry $4.19), you get an eighth title.

That's crazy. The combined value here is well in excess of $100, and the games themselves (most of which are available for both PC and Mac) rank among the best adventures of recent years. They include:

  • Back to the Future (5 episodes)
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage (3 episodes)
  • Poker Night at the Inventory
  • Puzzle Agent 1
  • Puzzle Agent 2
  • Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse (5 episodes)
  • Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures (4 episodes)

The bonus, beat-the-average game is Telltale's critically acclaimed crown jewel, The Walking Dead (all five episodes). I'm pleasantly surprised that the bundle includes the complete collection for each title, and not just the first chapters -- which would actually have made for a fine bundle. But here you're getting everything -- days, weeks, maybe even months' worth of adventure-gaming goodness.

This is a steal, no doubt about it. But before you plunk down a measly penny for the first seven games or $4.20 for all eight, remember that the Humble folks are also raising money for charities: Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Surely you can spare a sawbuck or two when you're getting so much in return?

Do make sure to note the few caveats here, namely that The Walking Dead requires a Steam account and Wallace & Gromit is for Windows only.

Other than that, go forth and grab this fantastic game bundle, which definitely ranks among my all-time favorites. Man, is your weekend set.