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How to improve the iphone.

Dave Phillips
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Dave Phillips
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I am just about done with the Apple iphone and all the free publicity it is getting. The fact that people waited outside Apple stores for days shows how valuable eBay has become, the iphone showed up almost immediately with some joker paying $12500.00 for one.

Does anyone know that cell phone service in most third world countries is better than the USA? Wake up people, the rest of the world is laughing at us. The cell phone companies need to stop holding technology from us and controlling what we can and can't buy. In Europe you can buy any phone unlocked, simply plug in your sim card and away you go, but on our home soil you are held hostage by the service providers. Nokia makes some of the most advanced cell phones in the industry, and is one of the largest makers of cell phones worldwide, but they are practically nonexistent in the US market due to the lack of support from the carriers, who lock you into contracts and then have the gall to demand their piece of the phone as well.

The iphone is without a doubt a great piece of technology it is just a shame that when it hits the rest of the world they will get to enjoy the full capability of this product and we won't.

Now, if I was making a phone, these are some features that myphone would have. A video camera that records full motion video at 30 frames per second and gives you the ability to shoot high quality still pictures as well. Some kind of analysis software that enables you to use the video that you have taken and review it in slow motion on your phone or on your PC when you get back to your home or office. A link to a virtual physician that can give you medical advice in case of an emergency, as well as access to a service like Skype that allows you to make phone calls through the internet connection on your phone with live video. Oh and myphone would also work on any network and I would be happy to sell it on eBay for $11500.00 if that guy who bought the iphone is interested.