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My March vacation: Not all fun and games

I expect to have a good time, but I'll also be trying out some camera gear on my trip to South America.

Olympus' E-3 SLR, with its flip-out screen, will accompany me on my travels. CNET Networks

I'll be on vacation for all of March, so except for a couple posts timed to pop up later, the activity on this blog is going to be awfully light.

I'll be trying out an Olympus E-3, to see if a weatherproof Four Thirds camera really is better for traveling. And for those of you who helped steer my thinking on my plea for help on how best to store photos while traveling, here's what I settled on.

I know I said I wasn't going to lug a PC, but I am after all. I can burn backup disks (and mail them home), winnow out the duds, and surf the Web from cybercafes for our urban moments. And the unglamorous 3-year-old laptop is a sunk cost, unlike lots of CompactFlash cards I don't already own. Thanks to all of you who provided advice.

So who knows--with the camera and the computer, maybe I'll post a gallery of Torres del Paine photos.