MSI 3D all-in-one is first 3D HD desktop PC

MSI has unveiled the first high-definition 3D all-in-one PC. We don't much about the specs, but we do have a picture of the ThunderCats

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Richard Trenholm
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MSI is showing off the first of the current generation of 3D PCs, an all-in-one model with Blu-ray and three-dimensional high definition.

The 24-inch PC boasts a 120Hz LED panel and comes with 3D active-shutter glasses. It plays 1080p HD content. MSI is keeping the rest of the specs under wraps, but did tell Crave the all-in-one is based on the Intel Core i3/i5 CPU platform with ATI HD 5730 graphics.

The system, teased at CES and shown off this week at IT trade show CeBit, doesn't even have a name yet. Normally we'd have a go at making up a suitable name, but you lot don't seem to like that, so we're stuck with 'MSI 3D all-in-one PC'. Hope you're happy.

MSI tells us the MSI 3D all-in-one PC will include "the usual extra features on our premium AIO products", which may include Wi-Fi and surround sound. This will definitely include Blu-ray, but whether this will be 3D Blu-ray is yet to be confirmed, so it's unclear what 3D content you'll be able to watch. In the absence of any more details and saddled with a really boring press photo, we've created this mock-up of what it'll be like to watch ThunderCats. You'll have to create the 3D effect yourself, which you can achieve by staring at it until you get a headache.

We know other manufacturers are racing to bring 3D PCs to market, so with no release date -- or price -- we don't know if this will be the first on shelves. If you want 3D on the go, you could try out the Acer Aspire 5738 3D 3D laptop, or add depth to any PC with the Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit.