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Move that sink full of dirty dishes to the counter

The Premia 6 Place Setting Countertop Compact Dishwasher is a practical solution for space-challenged kitchens.

Makes mornings easier.

There is one kitchen appliance that comes to mind perhaps more than any other in the morning: the coffee maker. No matter if it's drip-brewed or espresso that is doing the calling, the allure of that particular machine leads us out of bed and down the hall, where we contend with sleepy motor skills as we prepare our morning caffeine fix. For a moment, all attention is focused on this one undertaking, one that requires a trip to the sink for water--and that's where we run into last night's dirty dishes. Suddenly, the coffee maker isn't the only appliance that matters.

Not all kitchens come equipped with the space (or the approval of the landlord) for a dishwasher. Yet, the contraptions are incredibly convenient when it comes to cleaning up. Consider the mess that is created surrounding the evening meal, and it becomes apparent that dishes can pile up quite quickly, easily becoming an inconvenience before you know it. (Like in the morning.)

The Premia 6 Place Setting Countertop Compact Dishwasher connects to the faucet tap (provided you can get to it), offering a convenient method for cleaning the dishes. Raising the water temperature up to over 150 degrees F, the countertop appliance then utilizes a stainless-steel spray arm to clean and sterilize the load. With the choice of five wash cycles, the dishwasher is a practical appliance--if even just to clear the way for the more important things in life, like filling up the coffee pot with water in the morning.