Move over bacon, here comes beer-can chicken

The BeeRoaster with Potato Clips brings potatoes to the beer-can chicken party.

I vote for beer-can chicken.

I'm going to make a bold prediction: bacon may well have been the favorite food obsession of the Internet during 2008, but beer can chicken is going to wrestle the mantle away this year. Of course, we won't know the results of this delicious statement well until mid-summer, but all the signs are there. We have seen a recent explosion of interest in the cooking method, and now we are seeing more products designed to deliver the classic meal. From ceramic cookers looking to mimic the process to simple devices resembling colanders or mesh steamers, the fact is clear that beer-can chicken is here to stay. However, it may be time to up the ante.

The BeeRoaster with Potato Clips builds upon the popular concept by adding the ability to roast up to four potatoes. Designed for both grill and oven use, the BeeRoaster can be used any time of the year. Featuring a simple one-piece construction, the bird slips over the center piece, while added wine or beer flavors the chicken. Additionally, you can simultaneously roast vegetables that will be flavored by the drippings from the bird. Attach four potatoes to really cook a complete meal, all with one device.

Beer-can chicken is an ingenious invention. The bird remains moist and flavorful, while evenly roasting on the outside. Even if beer-can chicken does not become even more famous than it already is, I certainly look forward to some delicious beer-can chicken tasting. Based on the simple truism that everything goes well with bacon, the only food that will ever really be able to share in bacon's glory is chicken; a food that everything tastes like.