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Motorola releasing Android 4.0 devices before Xmas?

Motorola will release Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices six weeks after Google outs the final build -- could that be pre-Chrimbo?

Now here's a bit of a teaser: Motorola took to Twitter recently to announce it'll ship devices equipped with the latest version of Android six weeks after Google releases the final build, reports BGR.

The first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is coming to O2 in November, though there's no word when in November. If it's early, that could mean we'll be seeing the mystery tablets that leaked a few weeks ago. Oh yes.

"We'll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it," someone from Motorola wrote on the company's Twitter account. Assuming the Galaxy Nexus runs the final version of Ice Cream Sandwich when it ships, that means we could see these devices before Christmas.

So what of the devices? Well there was that mystery tablet that leaked last month in a blurry photo, the smaller one with the white border and tapered edges. Then there was the Xoom 2 Media Edition that'd been rumoured too. Motorola has previously said it'll update the Razr to Ice Cream Sandwich early next year, so chances are these devices will launch just before, or at the same time. Fingers crossed for a pre-Christmas launch though.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is designed for use on smart phones and tablets, so we're hoping Moto will out a slew of new devices. The operating software brings new features such as Face Unlock, which lets you unlock your device by registering your face on-screen, resizable widgets, folders on the home screens, near field communications, the ability to take screengrabs, and more. It also looks a bit like Tron.

Let us know what you'd like Motorola to release in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

Update: Motorola later clarified its tweet, saying there are no new devices to announce as yet, but it will be upgrading the Xoom and Razr to Ice Cream Sandwich. It will say when those updates will be available within six weeks of Google making the software public.