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Motorola 7-inch tablet spotted: sleek, blurry

A mysterious Motorola tablet has been spotted lying on a desk. It looks much thinner than the Xoom, so what could it be?

Look at this cool customer, lazing around, taking it easy. You'd never know it's a previously unannounced Motorola tablet, the way it's just chilling like it's no big thing.

This mystery Moto, spotted by This is My Next, looks like a 7-incher, and appears to be far sleeker than the Xoom Motorola launched back in April. Close study of the screen reveals a Honeycomb camera app on-screen, so it's definitely running Android, and quite possibly the same version as the Xoom.

It's a different beast to the Xoom though, with its white tapered edges and smaller screen. The Motorola logo is in the top left of the device as well, when held in portrait.

Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha earlier this year revealed the company would release a tablet that was smaller than the 10.1-inch Xoom. He said the 7-inch size would be more fun and portable. A white border would suggest a more youthful and fun approach than the Xoom. 

The source says who leaked the picture says it sports micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports on the bottom, and the screen looks to be 16:9 orientation, so perfect for movies. Not much else is known about the device -- it could even be a prototype. The picture doesn't yield any more information, and the fact it's blurry doesn't really help.

The Xoom was the first tablet to run Honeycomb, the version of Android optimised for bigger screens. It scored three and a half stars in our review, with great hardware and software, just a shame about the speaker position and tiny icons. But the thought of a 7-inch Motorola slate has us pretty excited.

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Image credit: This Is My Next