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Motion-powered safety light brightens up night runs for joggers

The Million Mile Light skips the batteries and instead uses a runner's motion to power the bright LEDs.

A prototype light ready to go into production. Million Mile Light

I live in a hot climate, so running in the middle of the afternoon is just asking to end up in a sweaty puddle. Running at night is a cool relief, but it involves gearing up with reflective clothing and being extra careful about cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The Million Mile Light Kickstarter project wants to make night running safer by illuminating runners with a wearable battery-free, motion-powered LED light.

The Million Mile Light just sits there quietly, waiting to go out running. Clip it on and the movement of your body automatically sets it alight. The secret is a kinetic engine inside that runs the four blinking LEDs. You may already be familiar with the basic concept thanks to shake-powered flashlights.

The Million Mile Light does come with a warning. It contains neodymium rare-earth magnets, so the creators ask that people who are pregnant or using a pacemaker pass on wearing the light. Electronic devices should also be kept at least 6 inches (15 centimeters) away.

Currently, the light is being offered as a white light, but a red lens may become available as a stretch goal. The project has attracted over $12,500 in funding toward a nearly $55,000 goal with 38 days to run. A single light with waistband costs about $24 (£15, AU$33). A double pack for front and back runs about $39 (£25, AU$55).

Crowdfunding projects should always be approached with a dutiful amount of caution, of course. It's up to backers to decide if a campaign will deliver as promised.

The Million Mile Light's illumination without battery hassles looks like an attractive solution for nighttime exercise enthusiasts. The light is said to be visible from over 650 feet (198 meters) away. It's waterproof, compact, lightweight and not crazy expensive. It won't make you run faster, but it could make you run safer.