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More clean in less space

Haier's new stackable washer and dryer produce full-service laundry facilities in small spaces.

A friend of mine is currently adding a second story to her house to accommodate her growing family. The construction is extensive enough that she, her husband, and their three children had to move out of the house into a rented apartment while the work is being done. She told me she didn't care about how many rooms the apartment had or how small the kitchen was--she just needed to have a washer and dryer in the apartment. Of course, her full-size machines take up quite a bit of space in her temporary digs--like, a living room's worth of space.

Haier America brings in-home laundry to all, even we city dwellers. Haier America

But really, why should anyone living in a smaller space have to give up the conveniences and options of a full-size washer and dryer? A smaller cell phone doesn't come with fewer number keys, does it? And condo and apartment dwellers deserve better.

Haier agrees, and they've come up with a stackable washer and dryer unit that doesn't force consumers to compromise. The washer features 12 different fabric care wash cycles, plus an auto select wash/rinse temperature. It's a front loader that lets you configure soak, extra rinse, four spin speeds, and spin only options.

At just 24-inches across, the washer can slip into a small closet. Sure, it can't handle the biggest loads in its 1.8-cubic foot tub, but it could certainly stand up to the daily load created by a family of five.

The ultra-quiet electric dryer offers a 3.5-cubic-foot stainless steel drum with dual temperature settings, a dry time selector and temperature sensor drying. Stack the units to save space, or stand them side by side if you can spare the room.

The washer's model number is HBF1055TVE; the dryer's is HDY6-1. The total price for the entire unit is set at $1,099, making this option not only space-conscious, but also budget friendly.