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MoGo Mouse has laptop mojo

One little gadget that caught Crave's fancy at CES is the MoGo Mouse: a little Bluetooth-enabled lovely that slips inside the PC Card slot on your laptop for tidy storage. It's small, it's silver -- what's not to like?

As the stand-up comedians say, "Didja ever notice what a pain it is..." using laptop trackpoints and trackpads? And yet -- it's equally irritating to have to lug yet another device around in the form of an external mouse, with trailing wires spoiling the Zen purity of your Vaio or Apple laptop.

Help is at hand, though: hop forward the MoGo Mouse, a cute little device from Newton Peripherals announced today at CES, and available to those lucky Americans for a mere $70 (£40).

This small rodent is Bluetooth-enabled and has been hand-reared by its parents to feel warm and safe snuggled up inside your laptop's PC Card slot. You remember the PC Card slot? That's the one last used for a Wi-Fi adaptor about three laptops ago and that no longer serves any useful purpose.

Now you know what to do with that unused real estate -- it's a mouse house for your slender little silver MoGo. And the really elegant thing is that it powers up from the PC Card slot, so your furry friend doesn't need an external charger. We'll keep you posted on UK availability and pricing for this little critter. -MP

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