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Mix up a sports drink

Powdered sports drinks can leave grit in the bottom of the glass, but the Sports Drink Mixer can mix up your sports drinks completely.

The Sports Drink Mixer Hog Wild

It seems as if powdered sports drinks and supplements are becoming more and more common. But mixing them up doesn't always end with a tasty drink: they're hard to dissolve entirely in liquid and can leave grit at the bottom of the glass. The Sports Drink Mixer makes those drinks easier to get down. It quickly mixes and dissolves any sports powders. It's not too different from mixing up your drinks on your own: you measure the liquid and the powder into the glass and fasten on the lid. From there, you push a button and the battery-powered mixer gets to work. The Sports Drink Mixer uses two AA batteries. You can drink directly from the mixer and, if your routine has you divide drinks, you can slap on the lid and come back later to finish your sports drink.

With the Sports Drink Mixer, you also get to skip the cleanup phase of dealing with gritty drinks. Both the lid and the glass are dishwasher-safe, letting you focus on your athletic routine rather than making sure that the last of the grit doesn't harden on the bottom of your glasses. The Sports Drink Mixer is available for approximately $14.