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Mini multi-tier cakes

Constructing miniature multi-tier cakes is easy with the Multi-Tier Cake Pan.

The Multi-Tier Cake Pan Kitchen Krafts

Making a cake with multiple tiers isn't too hard, as long as you can start with a large enough base. But if you want to bake a small multi-tier cake, you may find yourself carving down larger cakes in the process. With the Multi-Tier Cake Pan, however, you can turn out small cakes with three tiers and none of the work. The pan bakes all three tiers as one cake, eliminating the need to construct the cake and only leaving you with the task of frosting.

The Multi-Tier Cake Pan can turn out four cakes at a time, each of which has a 4-inch diameter at the base and stands 4 inches tall. You can use the pan with a wide variety of cake recipes, but it does come with a recipe and instructions. With larger cakes, the weight of each tier can be an issue, but the cakes produced by the Multi-Tier Cake Pan are small enough that weight is not an issue with most recipes. The pan is nonstick, which is a necessity for getting the tiers out intact, though a little nonstick baking spray wouldn't go amiss either. It also is dishwasher safe. The pan is priced at $32.95.