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Millennium Falcon drone is the coolest hunk of junk in our galaxy

This crafty "Star Wars" fan made an incredible custom Millennium Falcon quadcopter drone perfect for Wookiees and scruffy-looking nerf herders everywhere.

Pretty much everyone who has ever seen "Star Wars" would love to be able to fly the Millennium Falcon around the galaxies. One crafty individual going by the social-media moniker Olivier C is living that dream, and released a YouTube video of himself piloting a custom Millennium Falcon radio-controlled quadcopter drone he built himself.

The Millennium Falcon drone looks virtually identical to Han Solo's legendary ship, though with obvious holes in the frame to account for the quadcopter's propellers. So, smuggling things or people is out of the question.

In the video, Olivier, who lives in Grenoble, France, admits this drone is somewhat harder to control than other drones, but that's a small price to pay once you realize you're flying the Millennium freakin' Falcon around. You can check out Olivier's other drone builds on his RCGroups blog, and learn more about his Falcon build and his plans for a TIE fighter variant on Reddit.

No word on when the Millennium Falcon drone will do the Kessel Run, but you can safely bet it won't beat Han Solo's record run of less than 12 parsecs. As a non-maker, I can only hope someone mass-produces a Millennium Falcon drone so I can cruise around the Earth with my favorite Wookiee blowing up bad guys.