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Millennia Distinctive Rangetop for a new era

The new rangetop from Dacor offers fine details with usability in mind.

The new Millennia Distinctive Rangetop from Dacor. Dacor

Attention to detail. It's an important trait to have, especially in a confusing economy. Consumers look for details and want to see value for their purchases. The more it is apparent that some thought was put into a product, the better that product will do in the marketplace. Of course, a million other factors are involved, but a strong attention to detail is important, now more than ever.

The new Millennia Distinctive Rangetop from Dacor combines many little details that form a cohesive whole. The range top is designed with usability in mind, featuring angled controls that illuminate for easy readability while cooking. Available in either a four-burner or a six-burner configuration (30-inch and 36-inch models, respectively), the range top gas burners offer precise control. Three different sealed gas burners (available on both models) feature separate outputs of 9,500 BTU, 15,000 BTU, or 18,000 BTU. The result is a precision range top whether you need to create a perfect simmer, sear, or saute.

Smaller details round out the range top. An included feature is a Perma-Flame function that automatically reignites the burner at the previous level in case the flame goes out. Anybody who has ever smelled gas instead of delicious food cooking will appreciate this simple add-on. The cooking grates are flush with each other allowing for easy pot and pan maneuverability. They also feature small rubber feet, allowing for them to be used as trivets without marring countertop surfaces. The most important detail for most consumers is affordability; the company promises "competitive pricing" and a showroom floor date in July.