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Midterm elections can be confusing, but Alexa might help

"Alexa, who's winning in Florida?"

"Alexa, how many seats did Democrats gain?"

Election Day is coming up next week. Do you know when are the polls open?

Amazon's Alexa is fueled up with knowledge regarding the midterm elections on Nov. 6, the company says. You can ask her questions like, "Alexa, who's running for Senate in California?" or "Alexa, how many seats did Republicans gain?"

Whether it's a question about voting, voter education, real-time election results or post-election outcomes, Alexa's there to help, Amazon boasted in a blog post.

Visual graphs about midterm elections will also show up on Echo Show devices, along with election-related vocal answers from Alexa.

Amazon said it has organized a "war room" of writers, engineers and data scientists to make sure Alexa is giving customers accurate information in real-time during this midterm elections, according to the blog post. 

This isn't Alexa's first time providing election-related information. In November 2016, Alexa gave customers information about candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, presidential polls, election results and even jokes about the candidates.