Microsoft Word's Dark Mode brings on even more darkness

Your documents will be bathed in shadow too.

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Sean Keane

Microsoft is injecting a little more darkness into Word's dark mode, the company said in a blog post over the weekend. The word processor previously only let you darken the ribbon and toolbars, while the document itself remained bright white. The update will place the document onto a dark canvas.

You'll be able to toggle between modes using the Switch Modes button in the Word ribbon, and you can disable the dark canvas in the options menu.

"With Dark mode, you'll notice that the previously white page color is now a dark grey/black. Colors within your document will also be shifted to accommodate the new color contrast," Word program manager Ali Forelli wrote in the blog post. "Indeed, reds, blues, yellows, and other colors will be shifted slightly to mute the overall effect of the color palette and look more visually pleasing with the new dark background."

The update is available now to Windows beta testers, but it should roll out more widely in the coming months.

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