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Microsoft Windows Story Remix headlines Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The app intelligently creates mixed-reality stories from photos and videos.

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Microsoft hopes to make a show of creative force for its Fall Creators Update with Windows Story Remix, a new application that incorporates all the 3D technologies it rolled out with the initial Creators Update to help intelligently create mixed-reality montages. It's like a combination of Google's intelligence and consumer focus with Adobe's design automation for its subscription-based apps. And while Story Remix is designed as a proof-of-concept of its new Fluent Design system, it stands alone as what looks like a pretty impressive application that can sweep up the large group of bottom-of-the-pyramid creatives that Adobe is alienating with its relatively all-or-nothing subscriptions.

Story Remix uses the personal data provided about you to the Microsoft Graph to build thematic stories combining your photos and videos, and you can add 3D objects and scribble with Windows Ink.

The application's ability to automatically select, trim and create videos, then incorporate them into themes with editable storyboards isn't new, nor is the ability to change music or sync to beats. But the integration with 3D objects that you can anchor to moving subjects -- you can anchor ink as well -- is, at least in a consumer application. Further, it can automatically and intelligently revise this based on your selection of a different subjects to highlight within a composition. And that's huge. And not just because it enables exploding soccer balls."

Stay tuned -- I'll be back with a better analysis as soon as possible!