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Microsoft teases new Windows 10 S 'mode' in 2019

This is a move away from Windows 10 S as its own separate, stripped-down version of Windows 10.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Microsoft is ending Windows 10 S as its own distinct operating system. 

Windows 10 S, a stripped-down operation system targeting schools and students, launched last year as an alternative operating system to full-blown Windows 10. The simplified OS took a page from Google's Chrome OS, which school administrators have flocked to for its simplicity. Window 10 S users, for example, could only install apps from the Windows Store.

Joe Belfiore, vice president of the operating systems group at Microsoft, tweeted Wednesday that in 2019, Microsoft will introduce Windows 10 S as a "mode" of Windows 10. 

Presumably, the new S mode will still restrict the system to running only apps from the Windows Store, which Microsoft says offers a more secure, faster experience.