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Microsoft shows off touch-first universal Office apps

As part of Microsoft's plan to deliver the Windows 10 experience to your computer, tablet and smartphone, the new Office eliminates the need for device-specific versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Promising a "nearly no-compromise experience" for phones, tablets and PCs, Microsoft today demoed its upcoming universal apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The new Office apps are designed for Windows 10 and were made with touch in mind and will be included in Windows 10 on phones and tablets. Microsoft will continue developing its Win-32 apps that are specifically designed for power use on PC.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, vice president for the operating systems group, showed how these universal apps will offer "a consistent, highly rich and highly complete Office experience" on mobile devices.

For example, a Reflow viewing option optimizes Word documents for viewing on mobile devices while the familiar Office ribbon has been formatted into the app bar allowing for access to all the tools you're used to having with the PC version in the locations you're used to finding them.

Worth noting, too, is that your recent document list syncs between devices, so work you've started on a tablet can quickly be opened on your PC for editing.

For PowerPoint, you get slide animations and transitions you're used to having at your fingertips, so giving a presentation from a recent Windows phone or tablet will be just as smooth as playing it from a PC. Miracast is supported for delivering presentations wirelessly and wireless printing will be possible, too.