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Microsoft opens up preorders for new Surface Pro 3

You can now preorder Microsoft's new tablet -- but you may not see it until the end of the summer.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is now up for preorder. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those of you jazzed about the new Surface Pro 3 tablet can now preorder it.

At an event in New York City on Tuesday, Microsoft touted the new 12-inch tablet as a device designed to replace your laptop. Outfitted with a kickstand and equipped with stylus support, the Surface Pro 3 is packed with a beefy processor -- an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 -- to boost performance over that of its predecessor.

Eager buyers in the US, the UK, Canada, Europe, and other regions can pre-order the tablet through Microsoft's website and retail outlets as well as select third-party stores, Microsoft said Wednesday in a blog post. But your wait will depend on which version you choose.

Opt for the 128GB or 256GB Core i5 model, and your tablet will ship by June 20. But go for the 64GB i3 variant or either of the i7 flavors, and your unit isn't expected to ship until August 31.

The new Surface Pro Type Cover is also up for preorder with a price tag of $130 or £110 and a ship date of June 20.

Below are the prices you'll pay for the Surface Pro 3:

  • 64GB i3 Surface Pro 3 - $799 or £639
  • 128GB i5 Surface Pro 3 - $999 or £849
  • 256GB i5 Surface Pro 3 - $1,299 or £1,109
  • 256GB i7 Surface Pro 3 - $1,549 or £1,139
  • 512GB i7 Surface Pro 3 - $1,949 or £1,1649