Microsoft Office lands on the Mac App Store

Now you can download Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive from Apple. No Clippy though.

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The next time you open up a new Apple computer, go to the App Store to start downloading apps, and type in " Microsoft Office ," you'll actually get something.

Until now, anyone who wanted to use Microsoft Office and its popular Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps had to do so by going to Microsoft's website and downloading it all from there. Now, they're available on the Mac App Store as well, making it even easier for people to download and use.

"We love the idea of the App Store being the specific place for Mac apps," Jared Spataro, the corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, said in an interview.


CNET's Dan Ackerman probably can't wait to download Microsoft Office as soon as he reads this.

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The move is the latest example of Microsoft expanding beyond its once-obsession with Windows, its monopoly-making software that powers nine out of 10 PCs on the planet. Over the past five years since Satya Nadella was named its new CEO, the company has increasingly become more friendly with its rivals. That includes Microsoft releasing a version of Microsoft Office for iPhones and iPads, and bringing more apps like the Visual Studio coding tools to the Mac.

With Office for Mac, Microsoft is doing more than merely bringing its popular apps to the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store will also update the downloaded apps automatically, and you'll be able to buy a subscription to the Office software using your Apple ID and Mac App Store account instead of paying Microsoft directly, if you prefer. (Existing Office for Mac users can merely download the software and log in to their Office accounts to use them).

The companies declined to discuss any specifics of the financial relationship between them, nor whether Microsoft was paying Apple the typical 30 percent fee paid Mac Apps typically charge. Shaan Pruden, Apple's Senior Director of Partnership Management, did say Office for Mac will benefit from the Mac App Store's new "bundles" feature, which will allow people to download the entire suite with one purchase.

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