Microsoft offers trade-in deal for Surface Pro 3

Good until March 8, the deal lets you trade in an older Surface tablet toward the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3.

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Lance Whitney
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Microsoft's hope: out with the old, in with the new. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Surface tablet owners looking to upgrade to a Surface Pro 3 can take advantage of a temporary trade-in offer through Microsoft.

Valid until March 8, the deal offers up to $650 in credit for trading in your existing Surface tablet. You can then apply that credit toward the purchase of a Surface Pro 3. The promo is good only on Microsoft's online site and only in the US and Puerto Rico.

Microsoft has been touting the Surface Pro 3 as a viable alternative to a traditional laptop, such as Apple's MacBook Air. This high-end edition offers a 12-inch screen and runs on an Intel Core processor. All Surface models come as standard tablets but can be used as laptops via the Touch Cover or Type Cover keyboards. The software giant has been working to drum up sales of the Surface through special discounts and promotions.

A deal that shaves $100 off the price of a Surface Pro 3 was supposed to end February 7 but has been extended until February 28. That deal also recently added the 64GB Intel Intel Core i3 edition, which previously had been excluded from the discount. And until April 5, you can get a free protective sleeve for your Surface.

Microsoft is throwing around a figure as high as $650 for trading in your current Surface. But how much you actually get depends on the model and condition. The $650 is yours only if you trade in a 256GB i3 Surface Pro 3 with the power adapter and Type Keyboard. That option would made sense only if you're looking to upgrade to the more powerful 512GB i7 edition.

Less expensive models are naturally worth less as trade-ins. Trade in a 64GB Surface Pro 2, for example, and you'll get a credit of $189. Trade in a 32GB Surface 2, and you'll receive $105. Or trade in an original Surface Pro with 128GB, and you'll grab $207.

Taking into account the $100 discount, here are the current prices on the Surface Pro 3 lineup:

  • Intel Core i3, 64 GB -- $699
  • Intel Core i5, 128 GB -- $899
  • Intel Core i5, 256 GB -- $1,199
  • Intel Core i7, 256 GB -- $1,449
  • Intel Core i7, 512 GB -- $1,849

Here's how the trade-in process works:

  • Surf to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 trade-in page to see how much your current Surface is worth.
  • If you're happy with the price, send Microsoft your current Surface and any accessories.
  • In return, Microsoft will email you a promo code good toward the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3.
  • Upon checkout, apply the promo code, and the price of the Surface Pro 3 should drop accordingly.

The Surface model that you trade in must be in working condition, meaning it must power on, the battery must hold its charge and there must be no broken or missing components or other damage or defects. The redemption code you receive in return for your trade-in is valid only until April 8.

(Via ZDNet)