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Microsoft launches Exchange Server 2007 SP1

New features should improve management, add support for Windows Server 2008, and lead to better mobile security, says Microsoft.

Microsoft on Friday launched Service Pack 1 for Windows Exchange Server 2007. Features include additions to the Exchange management console, Outlook web access and disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery features already in Windows Exchange Server 2007 include Local Continuous Replication and Cluster Continuous Replication. SP1 introduces Standby Continuous Replication, which allows replication between geographically dispersed areas. Data created in one place can be copied to other areas so that, in the event of failure or disaster, data from the other areas can be recovered automatically.

However, replication will not happen automatically. "Restore after failure will be a manual process," said Microsoft's Mark Deakin, product manager for unified communications. "It has to be manual because it is two separate pieces of data."

Another new feature in the Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is a closer tie with Office Communications Server, with the ability to move voice mail between the two and control a greater variety of mobile devices. "There are lots more mobile devices you can connect as well," said Deakin.

Forefront Security for Exchange Server is now included, as is support for multiple scanning engines from more security firms. These can be implemented in a single module, Microsoft said.

Microsoft claims it has more than 3,000 companies as customers, representing more than a million seats now working with Exchange Server 2007. More than 270,000 people tested out the beta of SP1, the company said.

Colin Barker of ZDNet UK reported from London.