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Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub for business meetings

Microsoft creates an 84-inch, Windows 10-powered digital whiteboard aimed at making meetings more productive.

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Microsoft is hoping it can make droning business meetings a little more productive.

The company on Wednesday introduced the new Surface Hub, an 84-inch touchscreen 4K display equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built-in microphones and cameras.

"The best work we do is when we come together," a Microsoft employee said when unveiling the product at a company press event. "And we believe that with the Surface Hub we will be able to unlock the power of the group in a workplace."

The new Surface Hub. CNET

The new device could help Microsoft push deeper into business software and hardware, areas it's been heavily focused on with a business version of the Windows operating system and the Skype for Business video-conferencing app. The Surface Hub is similar to some other digital whiteboards already on the market, including Smart Technologies boards, which can often be found in classrooms.

The Windows 10-powered Surface Hub display includes a digital whiteboard that employees can write on using a stylus pen and an application to view and move around 3D images. Employees can view what's on the screen either in a meeting room or via an Internet connect from a remote site using connected devices, allowing workers to make decisions regardless of their locations.

The whiteboard is powered by Microsoft's OneNote, a digital note-taking application, so users can easily save notes in the app or email them.

Microsoft generally uses its Surface name for its tablet computers, so the new device offers a new, specialized version of a Surface product.

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Correction at 11:48 a.m. PT: An earlier version of the story offered an incorrect name for the Surface Hub.