Microsoft Goes After Google With AI-Boosted Search. Here's How to Try It for Yourself

Microsoft's updated version of Bing uses AI to give you more comprehensive answers to your questions. Join the waitlist to try it out yourself.

Nelson Aguilar
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Nelson Aguilar
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Microsoft Bing screen

Microsoft says Bing now has an AI "co-pilot." 


Microsoft's new Bing search engine, powered by the same OpenAI technology behind ChatGPT, is now available to use as a limited preview. Anyone can try out a few sample queries, available on the Bing website, but if you want to try out the full desktop preview, you must join the waiting list.

With the AI-powered Bing, Microsoft is leading a short but growing list of companies, from Google to Baidu, that are embracing chatbots to provide more human-like responses to search queries. While Bing runs a very distant second behind Google in search engine market share, incorporating AI into search results is destined to spike interest in Bing. 

Interested in trying out the new limited preview of the revamped Bing search engine? You'll need to join the waiting list, which we'll show you how to do, as well as how you can move up in the list to get your hands on the new Bing as soon as possible.

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Join the waiting list for the new Bing

If you want to try out the new Bing limited preview, go to bing.com/new on your desktop and click the blue Join the waitlist button. To sign up, you'll need to use a Microsoft account, so you can either sign in with your existing Microsoft credentials or create a new account. Once you follow all the prompts, you'll be redirected back to the sign-up page, where it should say "Great! You're on the waitlist."

New Bing sign up page

If you have an existing Microsoft account, use those credentials to sign up for the waiting list.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Climb up in the Bing waiting list to get access faster

Microsoft has two opportunities for you to move up the list and get access to the new AI-powered Bing faster. After signing up, the waitlist page should have a new button that says Access the new Bing faster. If you click it, you'll see the following two options:

1Set Microsoft defaults on your PC. This option will ask you to place Bing as the primary search engine for your web browser on Mac or Windows.

2. Scan the QR code to install the Microsoft Bing App. Use your phone or tablet to scan the QR code and download the Microsoft Bing application for iOS or Android.

Get ahead in the Bing waitlist line

The QR code will open your phone's app store and ask you to download the Bing app.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Make sure you're signed into your Microsoft account when doing either of the two things above, or else it won't count toward moving you up in the list. For now, Microsoft has not said how long you'll have to wait to get the limited preview of Bing, other than: "We're going to scale the preview to millions in the coming weeks." CNET staffers are testing it out and will share their impressions. 

It took me less than 24 hours to get access to the preview. When it's your turn to get access, you should get an email letting you know, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, the AI-powered Bing is only available on desktop, but will eventually come to mobile.

Editors' note: CNET is using an AI engine to create some personal finance explainers that are edited and fact-checked by our editors. For more, see this post.