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Make Fortnite memes on the fly with Microsoft's upgraded Windows 10 Game bar

Spotify controls, chat and customization options are all part of the update, too.


With the Game bar you'll be able to turn your screen captures into memes. 


The Windows 10 Game bar is about to get a whole lot more useful. 

The Game bar overlay, launched by pressing the Windows key plus G (Win+G), lets you do things like control volume, take screenshots, record gameplay and broadcast your gaming. Earlier in the year, Microsoft asked users for ways to improve the bar and now it's starting to turn those suggestions into actual features, said the software giant on its Xbox Wire site

For instance, if you've been using the Game bar's Capture widget for screenshots, Microsoft is adding editing options including text overlays so you can turn those shots or video snippets into memes and post them straight to Twitter. 

A Spotify widget is new to the Game bar, too, letting you play, pause and skip what you're listening to as well as switching to other playback devices and selecting recommended playlists. Don't have Spotify or care about captures? Microsoft made the interface customizable so you can now choose just the widgets you want to see. 


Pick the widgets you want to use with the updated UI. 


That includes a new Xbox Social widget that shows you what your friends are playing and lets you text them or start a voice chat. You'll also be able to watch their Mixer stream from the Game bar. And, like the rest of the features, you only have to hit Win+G to call up the bar to use it. . Windows Insiders (and anyone on Win10 RS5+)

The new features are available to anyone signed up as an Xbox Insider through the Xbox Insider Hub. You can get the Hub from the Windows 10 store. Once installed, head to the Insider Content in the upper left and choose Windows Gaming. Those on Window 10 build No. 17763 or higher, will be automatically enrolled into the Game bar flight. 

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