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Microsoft expands Surface availability to new regions

Attention UK and Australian shoppers! Microsoft's latest computers will be surfacing near you soon.

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While Microsoft's big announcement Wednesday was the availability of its Windows 10 Creators Update, it also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of its Surface products in more parts of the world.

Aussies will now have the opportunity to buy the company's expensive Surface Studio all-in-one computer, plus the Surface Dial companion accessory should they need it to show off their artistic side. Canada and New Zealand make the list of countries getting it, too. It'll arrive down under on April 27, and you'll pay AU$4,699 for the 8GB/i5 version, 16GB/i7 = AU$5,499 for the 16GB/i7 and AU$6,599 for the 32GB/i7.

And while UK shoppers have been able to snap up the Surface Book for a while, they can now level up with the Performance Base version that came out in the US last fall. That version is also coming to Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Preorders on both start today, with general availability starting on April 20.