Mickey will have some more mobile features

The MVNO Disney Mobile will offer photo sharing, automatic push alerts, and other applications, beginning this summer.

Marin Perez
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Marin Perez
The Disney Corporation

It's being reported that Disney Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that runs off Sprint's network, will be getting some new features. Starting later this summer, users will be able to upload photos from their camera phones to a Disney photo-sharing site. Each user will get his or her own page, and parents will be able to control the ability of the kids to share photos outside the family.

The Call Control feature will be accessible through a parent's handset in the summer as well. This feature, which lets the grown-ups dole out and restrict minutes and text messages, is currently only available from a computer.

Mickey Mouse and company also said an online family calendar is in the works. Parents would be able to update it through the Web, and the changes would automatically be pushed to the phones via SMS. Look for that feature later this year or early next year.

Disney Mobile quietly launched about a year ago and has been doing steady business so far. The Disney characters seem to appeal to the kids, and parents like the control features (such as GPS tracking and restricting phone usage). The service is being offered on phones such as the Pantech DM-P100 and the LG DM-L200.