Meta VR Headset Project Cambria Coming in October, Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan

Meta's CEO offered the update on the comedian's show.

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Project Cambria VR headset

The new VR headset is coming soon. 


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked a lot about virtual reality when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Thursday. He also confirmed that his company's new virtual reality headset, called Project Cambria, will be launching soon.

Zuckerberg said the headset will come out in October and that more will be revealed at the company's Connect event. Meta has yet to announce the date of the show. 

Rogan -- a longtime fan of the Oculus hardware -- gave his impression about the new hardware, saying it would track his eyes and facial movements that would then show up on his avatar. Zuckerberg called this feature "social presence" that would convey nonverbal communication in VR such as eye contact or smiling. 

Project Cambria is the next evolution of Meta's VR hardware, announced in 2021. It will have the eye-tracking sensor as Rogan mentioned and will be a stand-alone device like the Meta Quest 2. There also could be more sensor technology in the new device that could be used for other activities such as health and fitness.