Mesh grill basket prevents 'grate' losses

Grill basket keeps food from slipping through the cracks

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell

One of my favorite things to grill are vegetables. The problem with grilled vegetables, however, is that they need to be sliced so large in order to rest comfortably on the grates that they sometimes don't cook properly. Onions end up with deliciously caramelized exteriors and disappointingly onion-y centers, and eggplant ends up feeling chewy and dry (at least it does when I cook it). If I were in the kitchen, I'd alleviate this problem by creating smaller slices, but thinly sliced vegetables don't play well with my backyard barbecue.

This mesh frying pan provides the perfect solution, having the necessary shape for frying and sauteing vegetables along with the added benefit of exposure to charcoal and the flavor that it provides. It's made of stainless steel woven into a fine mesh whose considerably large surface area, combined with a shot of cooking spray or a rub of oil, makes the perfect no-slip surface for cooking veggies alongside kebabs, burgers, and brats.

The pan costs a reasonable $30 at Williams Sonoma, which pays for itself if you consider how much you're keeping on top of the grill and out of the coals.