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Margaritas on the move

Portable blender brings margarita to the great outdoors.

Easy to enjoy anywhere.
Sur La Table

Ah, summer. Long, hot days on the beach or by the pool spent with family and friends. Or perhaps a quality afternoon in the park sounds more appealing. Imagine it: the grill going, the kids playing, a cool breeze blowing. No matter if you imagine the beach, the pool, or the park, it's a great scene that just doesn't get any better... unless, of course you had a margarita in hand. While beer and soda pop may travel extremely well in the cooler, margaritas aren't necessarily very portable. Until now.

The Margaritaville Battery-Powered Portable Frozen Concoction Maker makes it easy to enjoy the freshly made popular drink anytime, anywhere. Not your ordinary blender, this specialized appliance uses a rechargeable 18-volt battery to supply all the needed power to whip up your favorite summertime beverages--up to 70 uses in a single charge. With each batch supplying up to 36 ounces of slushy beverages, the cordless machine is sure to bring the party wherever you may travel.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a treat for your next outing. There's no reason to stop at beer for your adult beverage enjoyment. Having a portable blender belting out shaved ice and blended drinks is a sure-fire way to heat up your summer--no matter where you choose to spend it.