March Madness: Three products you can use while you watch the Final Four

Whirlpool has the kitchen covered while the game dominates in the living room.

It's March Madness time again, and you know what that means: I'm spending a lot of time fighting for the right to watch a little "24" instead of basketball. But for those of you who actually care about the NCAA college basketball tournament, Whirlpool wants to make sure the only surprises are on the court--not in the kitchen.

It's a winner! Maytag's Jetclean line of dishwashers keeps your kitchen sparkling. Whirlpool

You've seen the Amana Jot refrigerator, with its dry-erase finish on the door panel. Use the fridge to manage brackets, track game times, or display correct picks.

And even though the magic of DVRs lets you pause the game when necessary, it's hard to make a roomful of fans wait while you head to the kitchen to check the food. So take another look at the latest Whirlpool-brand microwave-hood combination with convection technology, which lets you cook foods 30 percent faster than in the oven.

Make sure post-party clean-up runs smoothly with Maytag Jetclean dishwashers. Run the SteamClean option to get dishes and glassware clean without any prewashing. You'll appreciate the extra-durable, heavy-duty stainless-steel racks. Remove the top rack to accommodate oversize items in the lower rack--the perfect post-party move.

The Jetclean line is definitely one player you want on your team: The tough stainless steel food chopper blade pulverizes food to prevent particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets. And the micro-fine filtration ensures that even minuscule particles such as poppy seeds or coffee grounds are captured, preventing them from being redeposited onto dishes.

May your team win--and may your kitchen stay clean!